Monday, December 04, 2006

Revan's picture of the day...Revan in Motion

I've mentioned before that I suffer from Japanese Tourist Syndrome, a congenital picture taking disease, I rarely go a day without taking pictures. And ever since I got a kitten & a Nikon D80, I rarely go a day without taking a hundred pictures. So, besides uploading all my pictures on to Flickr and sending out regular emails to all my friends to check them out I should start a little photo of the day sort of like National Geographic, except with Revan.

So, here goes the first in a daily series of "Revan's picture of the day..."

Revan in Motion_0075

This was Revan's first real experience being outside. We let him on to the patio with Tristan banging on the fence if Revan got to close to run out. He was very scared at first but warm up to it and I think he might like it. I just think in this particular picture, he looks like a panther on the prowl or something. Gorgeous!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the second "Revan's picture of the day." =)

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