Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fingerless match the Irish Hiking Set

Believe me, my knitta's, I am hard at work on these fingerless gloves to match my IH set but I have been terribly frustrated with the whole process. I have attempted to follow a few of the patterns that were posted on the IHS KAL blog but not a one worked out for me.
I wanted to do it using the double circular needle method (which I am a huge fan of) so that I would be able to stop at certain intervals to slide my hand in and make sure everything was going well. After completing (though not well) 2 right hand gloves and having to frog them both I decided...

Fingerless Glove 1

FG 2

FUCK IT! I'm making up my own pattern. This is pretty bold for me to make up my own pattern on something I have never done (well) before but for the last two days I have been knitting and frogging my own design and I finally figured it out...I think. I built this little chart, which you won't be able to read too well in this picture,

Basic Cable Fingerless Gloves

but it makes sense to me on my little print out (I'll try to figure out how to upload the excel file for y'all later). Anywho, everyone at my company has been given the week off for the holidays except for me cause I am on contract not a full fledged employee yet so if I want to get paid I have to sit at my desk all week like a good little girl so I can pay the bills. But everything I have to work on requires other people's work, and since no one is here I have no work. So I have been knitting and blogging from my desk all week. That is how I had the time to develop that lovely little chart. I have it all written out in pattern form but I really wanted to SEE that it would turn out right before I cast on and that is why I created that thingy. That and I am a total Excel geek and love to use it for all sorts of stuff so there you go. That is also why the picture quality on those FG pics up there is a little funky cause it is from my camera phone and I am sitting at my work desk as I blog this. =P Gotta love it, I may not be stimulated by my job all that much but it gives me time to knit.

I didn't want too many days on non-knitting material to go by so I thought I'd update y'all on what I was doing. Laterz!


Isela: Purling Sprite said...

They look awesome!

Vera said...

Great job! I'm looking forward to the pattern.