Friday, December 15, 2006

Knitter's kick ass...all of the asses in fact!

Let me tell you why knitter's are so wonderful...because they rally around other knitter's when their down and say just the right things to get you up and back on the sticks in no time.

I posted yesterday both my excitement for finishing my first knitting 4 money project then getting an order for an exact replica AND my heartbreak over being told my scarf was coming back to me. Well, I have to admit I pretty much vented at every possible opportunity. To other folks at work, my hubby, my kitten, my blog, AND the new knit-a-long blog I joined this week Fall Cable 2006. Let me tell you those knitter's rallied and posted the nicest comments. It was really encouraging getting on to the blogs this morning to check for new posts from others only to find so many folks commented on my post for me.

Knitting is one of those things you do because you want to be creative, relaxed, and have fun. Though some people probably can make a career out of it, I just don't want to do anything that would compromise the joy I get out of knitting. When I have made stuff for people in the past I haven't charged because I was going to get to do something I liked doing anyway, but I convinced myself it was cool to charge this time because I was propositioned. Next time, I am only going to knit for folks I am already friendly with (not just getting to know) and that way they'll be honest with me along the way if there is something they don't like. Cause here is the deal, I am an honest person. Not the kind of person that hides the truth to spare feelings because if I am not honest things don't turn out right and everyone loses. It was an awful feeling to send the scarf over and not hear anything back about it for a whole day, and then have to go seek out the person to ask if they liked the item. Hearing immediately that it wasn't as thick as she wanted, when I had already showed it to her in person the week before just really twisted my balls (if you don't know me personally, I always refer to myself in the masculine its just my thing, so don't worry I don't ACTUALLY have balls.). Had she only stopped me last Friday and said "I was actually hoping it was a little thicker" I would have pulled out a ruler and started getting details right away so I could frog in mid-knit and start over. It would have sucked a little but not nearly as much as finishing it and having it sent back the next day. RIGHT?

All right, I must stop because I could feel I was getting a little worked up again, and I am moving on with my knitting life. I'll tell ya, though, yesterday I was really KNITTING WITH A VENGEANCE when I got home. Even with a trip to Best Buy, I still managed to get like a foot long stretch knitted on my IHS. I'll get some pictures up this weekend. Shoot I might even be fired up enough to finish it AND a matching hat! (Don't hold me to it though.)

* * * * *

Let's move on to Revan's picture of the day, shall we?

Revan's Picture of the Day...You wanna snacky!?!

You want a snacky?

Whenever I ask him if he wants a snacky he jumps up my leg a bit all excited. Here is another little tongue shot of him. I'm catching a lot of those lately. He loves a good snacky.

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Jennifer said...

i just love the licky pics : )

i also love the knitting community...seems to be so full of good-hearted people!