Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I did end up getting a Sharmane sweater on sticks, but since I was having such a hard time deciding what to knit I put it to the ladies at the Taunton SnB to decide for me. And I apparently my reputation for being a girl from the LBC played into the group's decision because knittinginfinity posted this pattern from Knitty called Holla. Its just appropriately named, and offers everything I love in a sweater, cables, a hood, and loose fitting so as to not show of how far I let my tummy go. In a word, its perfect.

I have completed the back and am to the arm holes of the front now. Can't wait to get to those yummy cables. I have only taken pics of the finished back so far...

 Holla back..

 Holla back with Ronin for the block

I'm also making some Bella Mittens for my boss cause she is going on a trip to Europe soon and it will be cold. I just gotta get them finished this weekend. I have been slacking. That is it for today, just a quick post to get it off  my mind. 

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

And I did it again... I let another month go by with nary a post but the blog has been on my mind. I want to get back to blogging at least every week like I was in the beginning but baby steps. At least I didn't let another 4 months go by.

A lot has happened in the month since my last post. I applied to and got accepted to Bridgewater State University all since August 2nd. BSU is the school my husband teaches at, although they didn't know that when I applied. Nepotism was not an option on the application. But whatever I already have a degree, so why not let me in right? I will be studying Sociology and getting a foundation for my future endeavor of going to grad school to study Visual Sociology. I already have the visual background, my Film and Digital Media B.A. that is getting no action since I have been either an Office Manager or a Operations Manager since I left school. Maybe one day. I no longer have any particular dreams of getting back into the film business, although I always assumed I would. I also have no immediate desires to leave my current job because I love it so much. But I have always wanted to go to school to get my masters, and I do believe that it will be a great regret if I don't. So, I am laying the ground work now to hopefully not let myself down on that dream.

I have also "survived" my first Hurricane. By Hurricane, I mean Irene. And by "survive" I mean, the storm was not bad where we lived but we did get our power knocked out for 4 days. THAT SUCKED! No Xbox, no TV, no TRUEBLOOD or 24/7 Mayweather v. Ortiz. ARGH! We basically chilled in the living room, starring at each other and wrestling our cats. I worked on my charity blanket because it is just a diagonal garter stitch baby blanket. Easy to work on in the dark, or at least by candle light. Got further along that I would have expected to be by now.

Now I have to decide what my next SHARMANE project will be. I currently have a project on sticks for a friend that will be a swap but I have ages on that as she is also in no rush to complete. Just something we will casually work on for each other. But I told myself when I first joined the Taunton SnB in January that 2011 was the year I was going to make a sweater and somehow its has gotten to be September without me realizing. Can you believe it? 9 months since I moved to Massachusetts and it has just flown by. Every so often I wake up thinking I might still be trapped in the hell that is Texas (hell for me anyway) but then I am relieved to find that I am not and that there is an actual breeze blowing through my window. Part of me wants to make an easy sweater (go little) and part of me wants to overwhelm myself with a cabled hoodie like the Mariah or a crazy cables aran sweater like this website has to offer. I'll probably go the crazy aran route. It is almost winter after all. Stay tuned...