Saturday, December 09, 2006

Revan's Picture of the Day...Because he's just so damn cute!


I'm just in love with my little boy, even at 3 ish months he is so cute and kitten faced. I wish the kitten time would go stretch out a bit longer, he changes so fast I'm glad I have a camera that can capture his day to day changes.


I have been knitting like crazy today trying to get my knitting 4 money scarf done this weekend so I can fit in some last minute holiday gift knitted up. Well, as promised I wanted to post some in progress pictures of Tanisha's scarf since I have been so behind this week. Here goes...


As you can see my little boy was helping to lay out the scarf for the picture, he is a helpful baby.

Revan Scarf

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I realized part way through that the scarf would not be symmetrical if I didn't find a middle point and knit the color sections backwards from, so I did just that. I have about 7 more color sections to knit until it is all done. I hope to have all the little ends sewed in by tomorrow or Monday.

This is sort of a crap posting but at least I have one in the bag. I'll get a better knitting post in some time this week, hopefully. =)


Jennifer said...

wow - the scarf looks really really great, girl! and i can't get over how stinkin' cute that kitten of yours is :)

Sharmane said...

Thanks! I know I melt every time I look at him.