Saturday, December 23, 2006

My first Scarf & Hat Combo...Irish Hiking Scarf

Irish Hiking Combo

I finished my first cabled hat yesterday. It is a little loose around my head but I actually kind of like it because I can wear my heat down with out messing it up, that's all a girl wants out of a beanie right? This was my first that on a circular needle. I have done several on DPNs, which I think I may have mentioned before, but this cabling was a bit too hard on DPNs so I went out and bought my first interchangeable needle. Now that I have one I REALLY want to get a set but I don't think Santa's going to bring one to me this year. I didn't get the word out early enough I think.

Moving on, I was so excited about getting this blue hat done I casted on a second one last night, this one is a bit smaller and the k2, p2 ribbing at the bottom actually matches up with the cables unlike my first one. I like that much better. I'm already about to decrease to shape the crown so I may blog again tonight with that.

In Progress: Black and White, basic cabled hat

I think I may bang a few of these out for late Xmas gifts, since I have been broke and busy and haven't gotten any Xmas gifts together yet. Well, except for my hubby's traditional pajama pants that his mother used to get him every year, and now I do. I know I wanted to try to knit gifts this year but I just didn't start early enough. I'll have to start making a stock pile now so that everyone get something knitted next year. I also want to make a real effort to make our Xmas stockings for next year too. Something that represents Tristan and I a bit more than the ones we have now. We'll see what happens though.

Happy Chrismahanukwanzstice to you all!


tiennieknits said...

Great job - looks absolutely cute on you! Happy Holidays!

Jennifer said...

yay - the combo looks great...totally cute pic of you!

happy holidays to ya, chica!

carol said...

I absolutely love your Irish Hiking Beanie! I have made 3 Irish Hiking Scarves and would LOVE to make the matching beanie for each! Would you please post the pattern? I would greatly appreciate it -- Thank you!