Monday, December 11, 2006

I finished! I finished!

My first knitting 4 money project for my co-worker Tanisha. Well, to be precise I finished the knitting part. I still have to do the sewing up of the lose ends and all but that should be done by tonight I think. Then I will get my first little $$! Yay!

But what I am most excited about at the moment is that I can get back on my personal Irish Hiking Scarf. I got my Iceland Madil on Friday of last week and it turns out to be the exact same color as the yarn I had already knitted up so dye lot didn't end up being an issue. I am so super fantastical happy about that. I started knitting a little today and it is great to be back on yarn that is really awesome to knit with. No stringiness or needle catching. Its just a really smooth knit. I hope to be finished with my scarf by the end of this week so I can get on to the hat. If only it were cold enough to wear in Austin.

Irish Hiking Scarf, Iceland Madil, Colbalt Blue, 929

I have to do a bit of a rush job on my blog today, but I wanted to post my
Revan's picture of the day before it gets too late. I have a busy night a head of me. So here goes...

Revan Scarf

Isn't he cute? Guardian of the scarf, protector from would be knitting detanglers and evil doers. I thought in honor of finishing Tanisha's scarf I would post this picture with him guarding over it. =) Enjoy!


Jennifer said...

congrats on finishing the scarf - it's gorgeous! what type of yarn did u use? the colors are great!

Sharmane said...

It was Lion Brand Jiffy and the colors were...

Avocado, Caffe, Paprika, and Chili.

And... THANKS! I'm proud of it.