Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Has it really been 4 months since I last blogged?  Yes, I guess it has. Funny, I am more actively knitting now then I have been in ages and I am blogging less. How to catch up on everything I have knitted. Well, I'll make this post brief, this has been the year of baby blankets so let me start there. These are my first baby blankets that I did not improvise the pattern myself.

My best friend had her first child, Gabriella, in May of this year and back in February I started knitting this awesome blanket, and yes I will not be humble about this one cause I am very proud it, both for my yarn choice (Knit Pick Simply Cotton Organic) and the actual knitting. The ravelry pattern was great fun. It was one of my favorite projects I have ever made.

The second baby blanket I finished this year so far is for my new niece Mackenzie. I call this one Lil' Mac Blanket but I got the pattern from ravelry too. She was born last month but I just finished it a couple night ago cause I personally hate pink but I had to knit pink for Lil' Mac on account she is the first girl in a family of 5 boys. They are going to princess the hell out of her I suspect.

Okay that is it for now, but I'll be back with more updates. I'll just have to dig up what I have been doing lately.