Thursday, November 30, 2006

Got my first Knitting 4 Money project on sticks last night. Because my co-worker friend Jenny was sporting the Black & White Harry Potter Scarf I made her at our last department meeting at work and a couple of people asked me to make them scarves too. I got my first 4 pay scarf commissioned last week and I got it started last night BUT I ran into a snag. I got this Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in Autumn-y colors which was hard to find one brand/type of yarn that has most if not all the colors requested. It isn't the easiest yarn to knit with because it is so soft and stringy but other than that it is looking pretty good. Here are some pics of my progress...



It was my birthday weekend so I didn't get much knitting done but I hope to have it finished by this or next Friday. That is my goal. I am really digging the whole cabling thing now. I imagine I will feel confident enough to try a more complicated cable after I finish this and my Irish Hiking Scarf.
I still do not have my Iceland Madil yarn because they woman I bought it from on eBay had a massive power outage at her house and didn't get orders until Friday. Hopefully, I will have it by the end of the week though because I am really wanting to get my IHS and matching beanie done cause it is actually cold here in Austin for a change.

* * * * * *
So, yesterday was my 29th birthday. The last of my twenties, and we had a little party with some friends on Saturday. We watched the Winky Wright vs. Ike Quartey fight and had a little mini Xbox 360 Fight Night Round 3 tournament. It was fun. My poor kitten, Revan had his 3rd round of shots that morning though so he was only playful for a little while. I thought he would be very overwhelmed with all the people but he actually handled it quite well. Only one hiss at our friend Mike which was weird because Mike was one of the two people he has seen multiple times. Revan definitely made a few fans though, he's cuteness is so deadly.

Amy & Revan 1

Amy & Revan 2

As you can see he was captivated with one guest in particular, Amy. She also has cats and I think he was digging the other cat fragrances.
I didn't get any other pictures of the actual party and I blew out my candles before Tristan got the lens cap off the camera so I don't have anything more to post about it really. Hopefully when we have our next gathering of people at our place we'll have pictures to share. =)

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velmalikevelvet said...

ah, it IS a knitblog, not just a catblog! ;) just kidding, thanks for the link from flickr to your blog, i enjoyed checking it out. cheers, velma