Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last FO: Straun

I discovered this pattern on Ravelry.com when looking for a pattern because a friend of mine has been hassling me to build a brimmed hat. Even though this is complete, there is NO CHANCE I am giving it to my hassling friend cause it is just too cool. I'm keeping it. I only have cell phone pics of it but you get the idea...its the hottness.

FO: Straun
FO: Straun
FO: Straun
FO: Straun

Saturday, March 07, 2009

I keep saying that I have been sucking at the knit-blogging for every post. I have been on Ravelry quite a lot though. I should still be keeping up with my original spot though.

A lot has happened over this past year. I got a promotion at my job and I find that my life is becoming very focused on that job (which is sort of unfortunate). It's a bit stressful and I started dreaming about work, so I need to get better outlets to process that stuff.

I am behind on tooooo many to count promised knit projects. Some a year old, and yet I have managed to give out quite a lot of knit gifts recently. Don't know what my deal it.

We picked up a stray cat, which brings our family up to 6. Ruuin, was chillin on my porch for a few weeks, we started feeding her and then there was an ice storm. We HAD to bring her in, because it was cooooooold. But when we got her in she was terrified. I considered putting her back outside the next day but she didn't have front of back claws so I couldn't in good conscious let her back out there. She has been with us for five months now. Still somewhat terrified, but if you sit real still and don't look her in the eye, she might come sit next to you. The rest of the cats don't like her and she doesn't like them. But seriously, how could you turn out an animal with no claws to defend itself?

The biggest dream come true of my life happened though. This year I was final able to purchase a flat screen TV. I know some girls want a house and a family and love...all I ever wanted was a large TV. Hahahaha. (I'm joking and sort of not joking at the same time.)

47" LG50 TV
New 47" LG50 with Gears of War 2

Didn't even have it unwrapped yet and already had Gears of Wars 2 ready to go.

My dear friend Burl was on 24 these past two weeks. In case you are curious which one he was check out 24.wiki. Also check out his IMDB page. Raise his star rating up cause he is my friend.

Here is some of the stuff I have made recently. I have been home with a migraine for a couple days so this blog may not make sense but at least its blogged.

Based off of the Element Antelope Beanie

Element Antelope Beanie
Element Antelope Beanie
Element Antelope Beanie

An Accidental Stitch that turned out to be super cool...
Latest kick ass beanie with peace sign of course
Latest kick ass beanie

Utopia Hat by Smariek
Utopia hat for Flavia
2nd Utopia Hat (for Flavia)

And the most awesome secret project for the love of my life...R2D2 Hat
Shh...Tristan's secret hatShh...Tristan's secret hat
Shh...Tristan's secret hat
Tristan with his R2D2 hat

There are more things but I have to find the pics. Just wanted to get these posted.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hello Kitty Hat
(Happy Birthday Flavia)

Hello Kitty Beanie for Flavia

It took me two months cause I was a bit of a pussy about the ears but I finally finished last night, only a week after her birthday. =)

Hello Kitty Beanie for Flavia

Little Red Bow for the HK beanie

Inspired by the hat from Olsofia's knit-a-long but couldn't get a copy of the pattern soooooo I used my basic hat pattern and put it down for awhile before I had the courage for the ears. I wish the ears were a little bigger but ultimately, I am happy with how it turned out.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Playing Catch-up Again....

I just can't seem to be consistent with my knit blogging anymore. So, I have to catch up on everything and who knows WHAT I have completed since my last post.

My last post was an WIP for my Sharmane scarf. Sharmane scarf because I never keep anything for myself. I finished and wearing on whatever day it manages to get a little bit cold here in Austin.

New <span id=

New <span id=

My friend Erica, likes to steal my sweaters and scarves. But I have been determined to keep this scarf. I let her wear it once and almost didn't get it back so I had to scramble to make her a special scarf. I had these 2 little balls of yarn I picked up at a $1 store in Canada a few years ago. I had made a hat for Tristan from it, and since orange is her favorite color made her a scarf from the rest. Unfortunately, it is tiny but she loves it and it kept her off stealing my scarf for a bit.

Erica's <span class=

Erica's <span class=

We have a very affectionate friendship, always hugging and cuddling because none of our other friends hug and cuddle. SOOOOOO, I thought xoxo's would be appropriate representation of our friendship. I made this pattern up as I went really, but XOXO's patterns are a dime a dozen aren't they?

I also just discovered Ravelry like a few weeks ago. Sad huh? What kind of knitter/knit blogger am I? Only just discovering it. I have made a few projects I've gotten off that site too but I'll post those later. This is enough for now. I'm going to eat fresh baked biscuits. =) Laters.