Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm finished! I'm finished! (con't)

I wanted to post some pictures of my finished product of the scarf I made for my co-worker Tanisha. It was such a crowd pleaser among my department I got an order for a similar scarf (same colors different order) its almost like I am in business. =)

Tanisha's Scarf

Tanisha's Scarf
Even in my chubbiness I love to take pictures of myself with my knitted projects.

It will be interesting knitting the same scarf back to back but what the client wants the client gets right? I cannot believe I am knitting 4 money now, its so weird. I mean I love to knit, hence me knitting & knit bloggin' but it never occurred to me that someone else would like what I knit enough to pay me to make them something, you know? I guess because I have only been doing it for a few years I haven't yet developed the confidence to say "yeah my knitting is the bomb now PAY ME!" You know what I mean?

So the downer is that I will shelf my person IHS again, if only to finish this new scarf 4 hire by next week so she can take it with her on her holiday vacation BUT I will finish it eventually. =)


Jennifer said...

wow - i just love that scarf! i have had to put my ihs on the backburner, too, but plan to pick it back up after the holidays. such a fun knit. good for u for makin' money doing what u love!

Queen Frogger said...

No wonder you are getting orders for your scarves ... they are lovely. And I think your cat is cute too!