Friday, December 22, 2006

Hello folks! You may have noticed a drastic change in my blog today. Well I decided to make a little change now that I am more into blogging. I hope all the new stuff will be interesting to my regular readers. I wrote a big ol' post about everything but re-read it and thought it was goofy so I'm just gonna list what I changed.

Left Side Bar

1. Revan's Picture of the day - Is now a Sidebar thing, rather than a daily post.

2. Added a "Atheist Pride" section with links to my favorite Atheism related sites - I will also start incorporating more Atheistic content to my blog.

3. Added a "My Photography" section - to show off some of my favorite works and hopefully begin posting more recent photos soon.

4. Joined Technorati and added a link for it - Its a blog community promoter, see if I can't get some more readers from them. ;P

5. Added a "Mixed Like Me" section - Which will have links to various multiracial websites, also something I will be adding to my regular content. Gotta education folks, ya dig? ;P

Right Side Bar

Only knitting related blogs and links and archived posts.

Bare with me folks, while I get the rest of my blog in shape. Thanks!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

i like the new blog and content...good job designing, girlie!