Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tragedy Sets in... first knitting 4 money scarf returned

You read right folks. My very first project that I knitted for money is being returned to me tomorrow. =(

Tanisha's Scarf

I am told that it is because the client had all their stuff ($, cc's, etc) stolen last night, but that was said only after she told me the scarf wasn't as thick as she wanted and so she was going to have to buy a "real" scarf for her friend (I showed it to her last week and she didn't mention anything about thickness when it was still in progress.)
I have to say that it really hurt my feelings, and normally I am not so easily penetrated but you know, she sought me out because she saw the scarf I made for Jenny and told me she'd pay me to make her one to. She picked a color combination I thought was unsightly but at least the colors did gel together well. She told me she wanted the cables. I just don't understand how it could have turned out anything but how she wanted it. I mean...why not say when I showed her the in progress scarf that it wasn't as thick as she wanted? At least then I wouldn't feel like I waisted 11 days of my life knitting this scarf when I could be churning out last minute Xmas gifts.

Ugh, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I was so excited that someone liked my knitting enough to pay me to make something but to give it back when so many other people have commented positively on it. Already another co-worker ordered a scarf as a gift for their friend so I'll give it a try.


monica said...

Well, the scarf is lovely, no matter what she says. I had that happen to me once too but I was told she no longer needed it before I finished, because someone else made one for her for free. It became a gift for someone else, and they loved it.

Jennifer said...

omg - that's insanity, girl. i mean, who wouldn't love that scarf?! i LOVE that scarf. i'm flabergasted that she's returning it. unbelievable...i'm so sorry. she obviously has no good taste anyway. can i ask how much you are charging for it? i'm making my own and have no extra cash laying around right now, but i'm just curious how much you decided your time was worth. i don't knit for money only because i know it would take the joy out of the craft for me, so i have no idea how much one would charge for something so fabulous as that. anyway, just wanted to say that she's nuts and the scarf is absolutely beautiful and perfect!

love the new pic of revan, btw...i have a cute one of my friend's kitty w/ her tongue sticking out on my myspace page.