Thursday, December 07, 2006

I promise I have been knitting but I haven't had much time to blog about knitting the last few days. I get a little bit of free time at work to blog, hence the Revan's Picture of the Day posts this week. I will definitely post my progress on my first knitting 4 money project this weekend. I am exactly half way done as of last night. I realized that since I was knitting a 4 color scarf, that once I had gone past the center it wasn't going to be symmetrical and although my "client" may not have minded that, I couldn't bare to think I sent something un-symmetrical out into the world without intentionally planning that from the get go. So, I had to frog about 32 lines and double up on the last color in the sequence, so that I could knit the pattern backwards from then on. I think it will be good in the end.

But I can't post without including my Revan's Picture of the Day, so here goes...


I don't know why when you get a profile shot of him you can see that he has thinner fur above his eyes because he doesn't look like that in person but either way I love the composition of this shot, and my kitten is super gorgeous so I have to show him off.

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