Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm a filmmaker finally...

It has been awhile since I have posted on here. I had to take some time off from knitting steadily because of tendinitis and school. But now I have something to post about.

I have written and will soon be directing a short film called Origins. Origins is a story of an ancient vampire's quest for revenge against his maker for killing the woman he loved. It involved witches and even a little bit of time travel. I am very excited to finally be doing this since I graduated from film school 10 years ago, I have only worked on other people's films.

Our film's Facebook Page launched on Monday, August 12th and in 6 days we have hit 460+ likes. For a short film without so much as a trailer, we are a super hot topic on Facebook. We were very excited when we booked the infamous Lizzie Borden House for one of our locations. If you are a true crime haunted house fan, Lizzie Borden is right up your alley. The room we are filming is where Lizzie allegedly beat her father and step-mother to death with an ax in 1892. We are filming in the room that the step-moth Abby Borden died. Some people tour this home for its historical interest others for their belief in ghost. I toured it as a filmmaker hoping she could score a room for a scene with a Victorian bed. Here is the bed in question.

We also just launched our Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign. In 3 short days we have raised 35% of ourm minimum goal. This is an amazing feat for a short film and we are very excited. We still have $2,430 to go. Check out a sweaty me asking for money for my movie. =)

If anyone is still out there in knit-blog land, please check us out on Facebook AND donate to Kickstarter if you can. Tell your friends and family too, independent film is great fun. You find some many new and interesting types of movies are being made by regular people. I am just one of them hoping to share my stories with the world.