Friday, December 08, 2006

Revan's Picture of the Day...What is this called again...a leaf?


Getting used to the crazy outdoors, Revan's played with this leaf for a while before he picked it up. He was so happy with his little dead leaf.

I got the rest of my Iceland Madil yarn yesterday. I can't wait to get my knitting 4 money project finished so that I can jump back on my personal IHS Scarf and Hat Combo. I'm very excited, this should prove to be a very fun knitting weekend. That is after I recover from last weekends crazy birthday weekend exhaustion. =P Keep you posted.

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Jennifer said...

how cute...his little dead leaf ;)
lovin' the pics of the day,'ll be fun to watch him grow and u will love going back to ur old blog entries and see how tiny he was when he's older.