Monday, November 22, 2010


I am very happy to report that after 5 1/2 year we are moving out of Texas. Although this was a good move for us in terms of getting us away from the dependency of our families and having a life together, it has been a struggle. Tree hasn't enjoyed his program here, I hate my job. The only really good thing was that we grew our little family with 4 baby cats. All that aside, we are now Massachusetts bound and I couldn't be happier not only for the change of scenery but also because now my knitting will actually be useful. Its been a hard five years developing as a knitter in a climate that does not allow me to wear my knits but a few days a year.

I have been a knitting fool lately trying to make sure Tree and I are well stocked for the move. We will be moving, unfortunately, right in the dead of a New England winter. That will be challenging. We have never lived in cold like that before and it will have its ups and downs but just the physical act moving in that snow will be rough. Either way, I get to rock my recent knits that I have only been able to stare at for the last year. Its been awhile since I have posted so let me update some pics. I am sure my knit blogging will pick up again here soon on account I will be unemployed in Mass at first. The down side of a move across state lines is that it is hard for both of us to get a job before we get there. At least Tree will start his career as a teacher.

Forgive the color quality of some of these pics most were taken before I upgraded to iPhone 4. I don't know why I stopped taking pics with my actual camera.

LL's Irish Hiking Scarf -
 An experiment I never finished and now can't find in my messy house.

 I am calling this one Mermaid Scarf because of the colors (color is bad in this pic) but it is based off of Blue Cables Scarf -

 Bella's Mittens (only finished one cause my hands felt claustrophobic) -

 A hat I made based off of the Bella's Mitten Pattern. So, I don't have a link to post.

Another Straun except with ear flaps and not a brim, but I obviously made it too small so I have to frog and start over. =(
You can see the Mermaid Scarf's color better here. I got to wear both my Bella Hat and Mermaid Scarf on my trip to Mass to find a house.