Tuesday, April 29, 2008

WIP: I'm thinking of calling it "Hawaiian Sunset"

I was sort of inspired by some pictures from my friend's trip to Hawaii last week/and her birthday last Sunday and began work on this scarf using all bright colors from my stash (Caron Simply Brights) and this is what I came up with...

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... a simple garter stitch scarf on size 2 needles alternating color blocks every 30 row to 32 rows. I am not at all a person that approves of the color pink but I have to say that I totally dig this scarf.

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I was knitting from my stash though in an attempt to shrink the pile enough to be able to closed the lid on my yarn box BUT I freaking ran out of the blue color in mid-scarf. It is not good to try to knit from your stash only to have to ADD another batch of blue to complete this bastard.

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So, I didn't get to finish in time to give to my friend for her B-day cause I have to buy more yarn BUT I still think it merits a blog since I rarely blog anymore. I, like litte Ronin there, am tired and will take a nap but at least I blogged today. Tell me what you think of "Hawaiian Sunset."

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Monday, April 14, 2008

FLICKR PICS, where are you?

True I have been a bad knit blogger but why are all my flickr pics gone? Is there a rule that if you don't post in a few months that your flickr pics disable? How are any of my old readers gonna know I was even a knit blogger at one time?

Ouy vay! I either need to go through each post and relink all the pics, or I need to chuck it all and start Knitting with a Vengeance over from scratch. DAMN! Too bad too had some fun stuff on there. Oh well, here's to starting over.

Life, work, begrudging home ownership have all kept me from my old love of knit blogging but I will try to post more often, even if only once a month. I am going to be making efforts to try to do better at WORK - LIFE balance but I have been caught up since my promotion last year. What good is a promotion if you reduce your quality of life after you got it right? Right!!! (Shout out to Jennifer for checking up on me the other day (I'm doing good, you?))

Even though I have been a bad knit blogger I have been knitting. Couldn't be exact about when or where I finished these items but I'm just gonna post shit load of pics and hope that satisfies for the time being. Most of the patterns are patterns I created as I was knitting and some were just K2, P2 no brainers.

Attempt at knitting skull fingerless gloves
The pink one I bought off of Etsy for a friend's b-day, the black one was my first attempt. Still working on that one, not perfect yet. I fuckin' hate gauge.

Black Fingerless Gloves
I like to call this "FINE I'LL MAKE PLAIN ONES THEN!" Fingerless gloves using the double circ method (which is my favorite way to knit now days).

Nathan w/ my knitted cap
This is my friend's baby Nathan, wearing the beanie I made for his dad last year. They grow fast don't they?

Fingerless Gloves 120

Fingerless Gloves 118
Long Fingerless Gloves

Cabled Beanie

Cabled Beanie with Sharmane
Cabled Beanie with girlie colors

That's it for now, I will have to get more pics up soon. Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008