Monday, February 12, 2007

Thanks for the kind words, ladies...

I appreciate the comments, ladies. It was a tough week surely. But Revan got his clear bill of health on Saturday, so we were able to de-cone him and allow him to walk around the house again. Poor thing hated that cone and he was in desperate need of a licking and went to town when we got back from the doctor. I swear I don't think he came up for air for a couple of hours.

I also got the results back from the doctor about how Revan's genetic code reads. He basically had less than .25 (I forget what the measurement was mg or something) for the female cat equivalent to estrogen but for the male testosterone he measured less than a neutered male cat. A fully intact normal male cat measures at 1000, and neutered male cat measures at 100, and Revan measures at less than .50. That makes him almost genderless. Which is bizarre because he has the male organs & he is a hump-er and a half. So, he had to have gotten a nice big dose of testosterone to turn him into a boy on the outside and give him a testicle but somehow the testosterone reduced in his system and so his blood work makes him come up "practically genderless." He is still my little boy, but it is so strange that he measures genderless, cause we all start out female so something had to happen to give him a penis but what!?!?!?!?!

My little one in a million baby is all back to normal behavior though, he is running, jumping, and fighting like he used to which I am glad about. But it is sad cause now that he has access to the rest of the house and Rayne is still trapped in that bathroom. Revan spends most of his time sitting at the bathroom door waiting for a chance to see her or listen to her meow. It is soooooooooooo sad. I already hated that she was suffering in that bathroom, now they both are. Cause he wants his little playmate back. I swear I can't deal with it for another 3 weeks. I've even tried to convince my husband that we should shave her down to get rid of all the patches of ringworm so she can walk around again but we can't do that can we? We can't even know for sure that it would kill the disease on the skin but the spores maybe gone. A cat owner co-worker of mine told me that he put a little cigarette ash on it to kill it in their cats and I was shocked to find out that when I told other people they were all like "Yeah, heat kills it." But they sprinkled ash on their cats!!!! Doesn't that seem cruel? I can't bring myself to do that to my poor baby but I would like the doctor to laser it or something (but she'd be asleep for that).Anyone else have any "non-cruel" ways of killing the ringworm on my baby girl? I gotta get her out of that bathroom.

Okay, I promise I will get pictures of my in-progress knitting projects up soon. I really hope my camo baby blanket comes out good cause it would go with my friend's baby room very well. (Details to come soon)


tiennie said...

Just hang in there! It'll get better.

Jennifer said...

So glad Revan is back to normal and I hope Rayne isn't too sad. Hang in there, girlie!