Thursday, February 15, 2007

Making some changes...

My code has been all screwy lately cause I have been trying to find a template that screams "KNITTING WITH A VENGEANCE" but I hadn't found that perfect one, until now...I think.

Revan Scarf

This is one of my favorite pictures of my little Revan. It was perfect, I was taking an in-progress photo of the scarf that my EX-coworker Tanisha had me make and then gave back (but its okay cause Whitney has it now and she loves it) and Revan just walked up and squatted next to it, as if he was guarding it from danger. I decided that had to be the background for my blog. Since this shifted from being a knitting blog to a knitting & kitten blog it seems wildly appropriate. I think this one is here to stay.

As for the blog, you may notice that I am changing my links to have little buttons from your pages. If you already had a button I grabbed it, if you didn't I made my own with your pages titles. If you see it and don't want me to steal the self-made button from your page, let me know and I'll take it down. BUT if you like the button and want it for your own page email me at knittingwithavengeance (at) gmail (dot) com and I will be happy to email it to you. If you don't see one for your page yet, its coming I'm doing this from work so I catch time where I can. (shhhhh don't tell anyone)

I am happy to report that I started the "N" part of the baby blanket and it is looking good so far. I really expected it to be a lot more difficult than it is turning out to be. I may need to sew up the back side a bit just to reinforce the design because I am knitting as loose as I can so as not to make any mistakes. But other than that I feel pretty confident. It is the first time I have felt this confident that the design will go over really well to the person I'm giving it to. Is it wrong to have that kind of confidence about a project? I can say that I'm not having arrogant feeling about it, just excitement that something I put my mind to is actually looking like what I pictured in my head when I tackled the idea. I'll post another picture of it tonight when I get a little more of the "N" knitted up. I'm very excited to get this thing done to give to Erica. I really, really, really hope she likes it.

(Added in-progree pictures later)

Camo Baby Blanket In-progress 3
Progress after starting the "N"

Camo Baby Blanket In-progress 4
Close up of the start of the "N"

In other news, I am beginning to plan what I hope will be a huge World Wide Knitting in Public Day. I have put in a request to the official website (click link for more info) and I have sent out a message to my Austin Knitter's Blog Ring in hopes to get others involved. It will hopefully take place on the steps (or at least the grounds) of the State Capitol here. We'll see how the planning develops. I have to see if you have to have permission to have a gathering on the steps an all since it isn't a protest or anything (although I am not opposed to having a KNIT IN of some sort should a good enough cause pop up). I'll keep y'all posted on this. Email me with any ideas if you have any or want to share what you're doing for World Wide Knitting in Public Day.


tiennie said...

You are so ambitious!!! WWKIP Day?! Wow.

BTW - I like that you grabbed my name title but did you know that I had a button? It's the one flashing on my site. If you grab it for your, it should flash on yours too. Your site is looking good!

Jennifer said...

Love the new look and thanks for the cute button : )

Annamika said...

Great work.