Friday, February 23, 2007


I have to share this cute comic strip with you all that my co-worker friend Erica (Nathan's mommy) sent me after I conveyed how my night last night went.

good nights sleep

I got the news yesterday when I picked up Rayne from the vet's that she was free and clear of ringworm and no longer needed to be quarantined in the bathroom. I was so happy cause that meant she didn't have to be cooped up any longer but I was sad too because now Revan had to be in the bathroom alone. Well, being that Baby Girl has been locked up in the bathroom for nearly a month she seemed to have forgotten all the rules of the house. Like "NO BITING MAMU'S FINGERS" and "NO BITING MAMU'S HAIR." All night long she harassed me as if she never got the memo that humans are not nocturnal like cats! So, when Erica sent me this comic I started cracking up all alone in my desk at work. That is pretty much how my night was and I'm sure will continue to be until my Baby Girl Rayne learns the rules again.


tiennie said...

Too funny!

Jennifer said...

So glad your lil girl is out of the bathroom. Hope Revan is doing ok in there and can get out soon!