Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In Progress: Green Hat for Green Hat Along

This pattern is loosely based off the Besotted Scarf Pattern from Hello Yarn (but the X's & O's are smaller), and a few hats I have seen on the random blog. I had been struggling with the X's & O's when attempting other peoples versions of this pattern.I kept getting a lot of holes in the reverse stockinette and it just was looking awful so I frogged it several times but this last restart things clicked. I reduced the number of reverse stockinette stitches there were and added and extra row in the O's to give it a more open look and it is starting to look how I pictured in my head.

Green Hat In-Progress

I have slid my head in there a bit and it does make for a nice snug fit, which I really wanted to get. I think it will turn into a favorite pattern and I'll have to knit up several in different colors. The brilliant part of this project is that it covers both the Green Hat Along and my Fall Cables KAL (which I like to keep up on a nice community of knitters) killing two birds with one stone. (Where did that phrase come from, isn't it an odd one?) I hope to be done with this hat today so I can move on to my Knit Blue project.

I have to show off how cute my little Rayne is. Okay, unlike Revan who isn't as crazy when he chills in my lap while I knit. I mean he bats at the yarn and bites it and stuff but its not crazy. Rayne goes freaking nuts! She bites the yarn and pulls more into her mouth with her paws, she makes this sound like she is inhaling sand or something. But the worse thing of all...she bites the project! Yes, she bites the freaking project AND pulls more of it into her mouth. She has rustled many a Sharmane feather doing that. I am forced to 'kitty be good' her (that's what I call the squirt bottle). But every now and then she just gets so tuckered out that she falls right to sleep on the yarn...

Rayne 2041

And this is Rayne just before an attack...

Rayne with the Green hat 2030
Cute huh?

Anywho, I just wanted to share a bit about her since I have so rarely had a Rayne only post. Its sad I know, I am still getting used to the baby girl. Even though we have had her now for about a month and a half, most of that was spent in a bathroom recovering from the ringworm. She is a sweetheart though loves to curl up and snuggle you, and if she is on the floor and you walk up to her she immediately rolls over to the submission position to be petted. With Revan we worked a little bit for that roll over. For all her sweetness though she is equally irritating, waking me up through out the night biting my hair and fingers. She did do really well Monday night though, she didn't start biting my hair until after my snooze went off a few times. She was my little alarm clock yesterday morning. I was very proud of her. Then this morning she struck again but not until 5:47 AM which is 13 minutes before my first alarm goes off and that is certainly not as bad as it has been. With a little more training via 'kitty be good' she should be able to keep her bed privileges for awhile. =)

Revan has a check up on Friday to see if the ringworm is dead on him yet. I really hope he is cleared cause I am tired of missing out on good kitten time. And getting the kids back together again will be nice as well, you can tell they miss each other because Rayne sits at the bathroom door and they swat at each other through the crack under the door. poor babies.


lobstah said...

Oh, that is a very pretty pattern you came up with and I love the color too. You know, I haven't knit anything in rich greens (a bit of pale green but that's it). I think I need to do that at some point.

Sharmane said...

Thanks Lobstah! You should join the Green Hat Along so you can use St. Patrick's Day as an excuse!

tiennie said...

That is going to be a great hat! Cute picture of your little kitty!

Jennifer said...

The hat looks rad (soooo perfect for the 17th!!) and the pic of the pre-attack Rayne is so.stinkin.adorable. !!