Monday, February 19, 2007

Found a couple more Knitalongs you might enjoy

So, I am at work surfing the Internet as per usual and I came across a couple more KALs that I thought might be of interest. The first is "Knit Blue" its a KAL for democrats. In support of the change of power in Congress. I have just finished a blue item but I will have to get another on sticks for this KAL. Besides the color I am not sure of what I could possible knit that would show my Demo-Pride but I will be happy to contribute for the fun of it. Here is all the blue I have left to knit from (I am trying not to buy more yarn without a specific project in mind).

Blue Stash

The second KAL I discovered is for St. Patrick's Day, which is a mixed holiday for me because it is also my Best Friend, Elizabeth's birthday. Poor dear, her birthday on a holiday she has no connection to on account she's Armenian. Well, she was born here but still there ain't no Irish in that lass. And I'm not sure she loves wearing green on her birthday every year. I'm off subject, so this St. Patrick's Day KAL is for green hats. No pattern in particular, you just have to knit green hats. I have some left over dark green from Xmas time when I attempted to make stockings (I will be attempting that again this year too I imagine). AND I believe it will match the T-shirt I designed for the holiday. It says, "Don't Pinch ME, I'm 1/8 Irish." I love that there are so many websites out there that allow us to design our own shirts and have them printed. I have my Knit Vengeance store on of course. But there are so many others you can work from. As soon as I have the shirt and get started on my STP hat I will start posting pictures.

Let me know if you have any interesting KALs that you are a member of, I so like the idea of it (which I have blogged about before).


tiennie said...

Aacckkk! More KALs! Great KALs but I think I have enough. Also, I don't want to get too political on my blog but I'm with ya on the Democrat thang!

Jennifer said...

re: the comment on my weight loss ticker post...
Thanks - I removed the ticker this morning, but the weird thing is that when I went in to view my blog before removing it, the ticker wasn't showing up. Very strange.
Anyway, it should be gone now.
Thank you so much for pointing it out to me! I wonder why I couldn't see this problem when I viewed my blog...from home or other computers. Strange...

Woohoo on the knit green hats kal - love it! I might have to join that one, although I'm not sure I'll have time to knit a green at hat before St. Pat's day this year...might just have to lurk lol