Sunday, November 05, 2006

Revan, Prince of Cats
Revan, the Prince of Cats

My little blue eyed bandit has some green swirls, which I never noticed before because I didn't have the kick ass NIKON D80 camera to take awesome pictures that can pick up details other crap cameras can't.

Yes, that's right I got a Nikon D80 and you are all jealous. My Tristan got it for me (though I imagine I'll pay for most of it in the end) for my birthday/Xmas/whatever else for the next year. Which is totally fair and wonderful! That is how Tristan and I give gifts to each other. He thanked me for buying his piano last year though it was his financial aid that paid for it and I thanked him for getting me the camera though it will be me making the monthly payments. So, maybe it is like we give each other permission for the big ticket items. I don't know if that sounds right but that is what we do and it works for us.

The picture quality is so wonderful, my Revan practically looks 3D in this picture, doesn't he? I have named it Tatsu, which means "dragon" in Japanese. Here's what Tatsu looks like..

Isn't he lovely?

I can't wait to really get to work with this camera. I of course will be posting pictures of my knitting projects soon. I have some in progress stuff and a couple small completed things to get up here. I have really been dragging on FINISHING lately though. I don't know why.

Peace & Love!!!

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