Monday, November 27, 2006

Hooray for eBay!!!!

I went searching for my Iceland Madil on eBay again yesterday and found that someone had 6 balls for sale. I should have bought all six but I decided on four. I hope they get here this week because I am eager to get my IHS finished and wearing by the time we have our first freeze (lasting all of 36 hours) in Austin.
I also want to get a matching hat on sticks as well. I am working on a black one at the moment from the Licorice pattern in the Stitch n' Bitch Nation book. I figure it will be good to test it on this so I can make the necessary adjustments once the Madil yarn gets here. I am so excited I would love to have my first matching hat/scarf combo I make for myself be with this lovely cable pattern.

I also finally heard back from the IHS KAL administrator person thingy and got my name and link on their blog. So, I posted my progress there. I can see this scarf becoming a popular gift thing for me. I will not be satisfied until everyone I love has one, and since it is such a quick knit I may actually get some banged out before Xmas, wouldn't that be awesome.

I really can't wait to get this on some charcoal & heather grey yarn, those are 2 of my favorite colors and with this pattern I really think it will just be loverly. I want to make a matching on for me and my bff Lulu (that's Elizabeth to you though).
Let's see, anything else on my mind knitting-wise? Oh yes, I mailed out my UFOs to Kristina Wong for her play (See previous post.) I hope she tours through Austin, cause that would be the only way I see my work again. (j/k I'm interested in the play) I think it is a cool idea to be part of a performance art piece without all the performing and memorizing of lines for me etc. XD

* * * * *

Now to bring this blog back to Revan, my kitten. He is nearly 13 weeks old and still completely adorable. One little thing he did yesterday is entirely worth bloggin' about on account, he was so cute and I love him.

If you know me, you know I am a lover of hats. BIG TIME! Something left over from my babydom when my grandmother Fusako (the nice one) used to put hats on me and laugh. It kind of lingers and I am compelled to put hats on when I see them. But I digress...
Anywho, I took off my hat yesterday and laid upside down on the coffee table, and my cute little baby boy crawled in it and fell asleep. "R U KIDDING ME? How can you be sooooo cute ALL THE TIME Revan?" If you don't believe me about the cuteness here are some pictures. I woke him up while snapping but I think you get the point.

How could you NOT love this little cutie?

I haven't been able to catch him squeezing into Tristan's soccer sandal yet but I hope to before he gets too big cause that is funny too. I guess my little boy just loves things that smell like his human parents.

Revan gets his third round of shots this Saturday, which is also the day before my 29th birthday. We are planning on maybe having some friends over for the Winky Wright vs. Ike Quartey fight AND hopefully see Ike get his ass handed to him on a platter. I love having a fight fall on or around my birthday. Its one of the few fun things we still do.

That should do it for now I think I am finally becoming a real blogger. I have blogged pretty consistently for the last week or so, hopefully it sticks.

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Jennifer said...

omgosh - really? could he be any cuter? glad you found your yarn!