Thursday, January 25, 2007

We got Rayne because we thought Revan wasn't getting enough activity but all these kittens do is sleep, LOOK!

Sleeping Revan_0002

Sleeping Rayne_0004


Revan & Rayne Sleeping_0085

Revan & Rayne

Revan & Rayne_0017
Revan's trying to wake up, Rayne decides against it.

To be fair Revan was sick this week, I had to take him to the emergency room Monday night. They don't know exactly what was wrong but seemed pretty certain it had to do with bringing a new kitten into the house. Especially, since Rayne was a rescue and was stuffed in a kennel with other cats around. Who know what germies lurked in our baby girl.

Reven seems to have made a fun recovery, he was playing, wrestling, eating, and drinking last night so I'm relieved. Although Rayne turned up with this huge gash on her head and a patch of hair slightly larger than a dime missing. The weird thing is that the skin where the gash is looks like it already scabbed over but there is NO WAY we missed this thing on her head! It is simply too huge, so it must have happened yesterday. Maybe from running under a piece of furniture too fast or something. It doesn't seem to bother her if you touch it. But when we sort of stretched it out to make sure it was a cut she didn't like it. These kittens are going to drive me to drink with worry. Revan sick, Rayne injured, now if Tristan (hubby) falls down or something I'm done for.


tiennie said...

Hope all is fine in your household now!

Jennifer said...

hope the kitties are accident and illness free today!

BlackRayne said...

Pretty kitties! And I love that the one is named Rayne too.

In case you don't return to my blog anytime soon, my reply copied from there:

The pattern is from World of Knitted Toys, with short row modifications for the trunk since my mom prefers her elephants to be trunk-upward.

And yes, you certainly can link on your blog (if you've not already).