Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back to Normal

The holidays are passed and everything goes back to normal. Yesterday was my hubby's birthday but he has been staying up in the middle of the night and so he pretty much slept through the entire thing. We finally got out to dinner around 8:30 PM but we filled up on bread and appetizers so by the time our dinner was ready to come out we couldn't eat anymore. The waiter was cracking up when we begged him to wrap up our food before he even brought it out to us. We felt pathetic but it was Tristan's birthday so we got some crab cakes in addition to our regular calamari appetizer. =)

I haven't taken any pictures in a few days and I am starting to get that itch, yesterday the sky outside my building at work when I was leaving was so beautiful I was disappointed I didn't have my camera on me. But there are a lot of theft issues at my job and while I would always like to have a camera on me, at Dell I just don't feel it would be safe unless it was in my hands all day. :( So, there is no new Revan PODs at the moment. Maybe I'll pull up and oldie but a goodie.

Speaking of Revan, I think my little boy has hit puberty. He has been humping his favorite blanket lately, and I didn't even realize he was doing that until he was finished and I noticed his "manhood" was showing. I didn't even know cat's did that, I thought it was a dog thing. Anywho, it is kind of hard for me to think he is already there, because he is only 4 months old and while I do want kittens from him, I am not ready for my 4 month old to be a papa. Its very stressful.

I don't know why the New Year makes me want to start new things. Like everyone I promised I would go back to the gym starting today but I am going to skip today and start tomorrow. =) But I also want to start keeping better track of our finances and start some investing for our future, all that adult crap that we have avoided until now. I just hope I actually stick to it so that Tristan and I have money to live off of when we are old and grey.
I guess I am just blabbering to get a post out, maybe I will post something worth a damn later today.

Happy Japanese New Year to you all!!!
Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu !!!


tiennie said...

Happy New Year to you two and happy birthday to hubby! Wishing you al lthe best this year!

Carrie said...

I love Revan's name! I was shocked when my cat Summer hit puberty, as in my mind she was just a baby. Good luck with the interim period. I just remember a lot of caterwauling, but perhaps I should have thought of giving her a blankie... =)

librarylass said...

I've just discovered your blog! I love your Revan pics and your lovely cabled mitts. I think I'll have to make them for myself, then move to a colder climate just so I can wear them :D

Jennifer said...

i didn't know cats did that weird. my 3 year old female pug guinness has certain "humpy toys" that she will bring over and drop in front of us and the second we grab it, she latches on and starts humping away...silly lil girl lol