Friday, January 12, 2007

Kitten Related Worries

I am sad to report little Revan, made his first 3 messes outside his little box. My good little pre-potty trained boy after 3 months with us decided to punish us for not letting him play outside by going to the potty in the shower. Don't get me wrong I'm glad it was the shower and not the carpet but either way it was a horrible experience.

My husband is a Ph.D grad student, which means he spends a lot of time working from home. AND he has been home on winter break for a little over a month now. You would think this means that Revan gets enough play time with papa all day long to keep him from getting into mischief BUT you would be wrong. Tristan has been playing our Xbox 360 for nearly 12 hours a day and has left Revan (Tristan's PRESENT) up to his own devices a lot of the time. Except on the random times that he has taken Revan outside to play for a few minutes (I am ALLERGIC to cats when they go outdoors) and so now the outside bug has bit my little boy and it is so sad. He sit on the window seal meowing and pawing at the window, he has even darted outside once when I was coming inside.

He was such a pansy about the front door before but now that he has had a few "field trips" he feels it is his right to be let outside. Not only am I allergic to cats once they go outside (who know what they mix with that becomes so deadly to me) my apartment has a strict policy of not allowing your pets to wander around outside unaccompanied. Frankly, I agree with this policy, I don't want to have to dodge cats and dogs in the parking lot on my way home everyday. You know?

So, Tristan and I talked about it last night, and we both feel guilty about the play time issue. We just can't tired him out enough all day, so we might be getting another kitten to keep Revan occupied. I don't want to turn into a crazy cat lady ESPECIALLY since I hated cats before we got Revan, but I think it is sort of unfair to a kitten as playful as Revan to be alone. And maybe we will manage to find a female kitten that isn't fixed so we can have bunches of beautiful Revan babies that we can play with during their kitten time and then give away (she says much for not being a crazy cat woman huh?) Now we haven't fully decided yet because there is a lot of $ to get a kitten situated (thankfully we can recycle some of Revan's goods) but he is just too playful of a kitten to be an only child. If I had a human kid (which I will NEVER...gross humans) I would force it to be a single, but pets need pet siblings I think.

So, I have found a number of little cuties on the Internet, I had no idea it was such a complicated process to adopt a kitten from a shelter or rescue center. You have to apply and wait to be approved before you can even ask information about the kittens. But I think a rescue would be nice that way we are saving it from Euthanaisation (sp?) or worst sitting in a cage all day with very little human attention.

WOW! I really went off on a tangent there. I was initially posting about my concerns on how to stop him from going potty in the tub before this becomes a habit. I guess we have all learned that I have a secret desire for another kitten and am willing to pass it off as something for the good of my current kitten. =P Freud is a bitch sometimes.

* * * * *

In knitting news, I have just found out a co-worker that I really likes birthday is coming up so I am shelving my other scarves at the moment to make her something. It turns out it also qualifies for my knitting from my stash since it is a turquoise yarn I had for over a year so I am not breaking any vows. It is a lace pattern which is a new thing for me but so far I'm liking it too. I'll post an in progress picture this weekend, along with my knitogether (a phrase stolen from Jennifer's comment on my last post, thanks Knit Wit Girly) tomorrow. Ooooooo I can't wait.

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Jennifer said...

i totally hear ya on the "not enough playtime for the babies" guilt...i suffer from it quite often. part of the reason why we adopted dublin was to keep guinness company...little did we know that guinness wanted to be an only child and shows her dislike for dublin in more ways than one, altho as i glance over now, i see them cuddling in their dog bed together, so she must not hate her that much lol.
good luck w/ the new one and w/ revan's potty and outside issues :o/