Monday, January 15, 2007

A Summary of a Few Things

I failed to take pictures of my "Knit2gether" this Saturday but I think it was mostly a success. Okay, so two people didn't show but the two ladies that did came well prepared with a number of projects and yarn and conversation and knitted flowed like wine at a wedding? I don't know where wine flows, I don't drink it. Hopefully, next time, I have one of these thingies I will remember to take pictures. I proved to be a sorry excuse for a Japanese Tourist Syndrome sufferers this weekend, I didn't even come close to taking even a 100 pictures of our new kitten Rayne this weekend.

Sharmane and the frozen nose
See my nose is red cause of the failure.

No actually my nose is red because we have had one of our freakish freezes in Austin, and I had just gotten home from a brisk walk to my apartment from the parking lot. I wrote a blog about this "Austin Freeze" last year because I thought it was bizarre. When there is a drop in weather Texans close down shop, everyone gets sent home from work and school, and you hunker down until the frost goes away. Now I agree I never expected cold weather in Texas when we moved here a year and a half ago BUT the closing down town thing is really odd. At least this frost came just in time for me to hang out with my kittens since they hadn't been left alone yet since we got them. In case you don't believe me it was cold Austin here are so photos from outside my apartment.

Snow on rooftops

Snow on ground

In other news, I still have not received my damn KNIT PICKS SWISH YARN I bought like nearly two weeks ago. What is the deal? I am trying not to be impatient but I really really really want to get started on my best friends scarf (what ever I decide to knit with it).

Oh, well my newest kitten just came to sit on my keyboard so I guess it is time to wrap up cause she is tenaciously getting in the way right now. More tomorrow cause I am sure I'll still be home b/c of the freeze.

Goodnight my babies.


tiennie said...

We are going through some crazy weather here too. I wonder if other places in the country laugh at us when there's barely an inch of snow on the ground but it makes everything come to a complete halt?

librarylass said...

The weather down here is really weird. Seriously, I've only experienced about 5 days of scorching 'will not survive without beach' kind of weather!

Your kitties are adorable as well :D