Saturday, January 13, 2007


After my blogging rant yesterday about Revan needing a playmate, we went out and adopted Rayne from Petsmart. We didn't go to Petsmart with the intention of getting Rayne but she was there and so cute. As soon as I put Revan up to the window to see her, she put her paw against the window. She was ready for loving right away. Revan on the other hand was not, he was not happy to see her come home with us. He won't stop hissing at her, but she could care less if he hisses (we have a glimpse of who is the dominate one already). After a few days they'll get used to each other but it is still sad to see my baby boy all upset that she is in his house. I'll post more later I just wanted to drop this picture in real fast to announce her adoption to the world.

P.S. I spoke to the vet today and he said that Revan is only doing the whole potty in the tub thing because he hasn't been fixed yet. His appointment is for January 31st. It will be a sad day for me cause I want him to father kittens BUT Rayne came to us fixed so we might as well get Revan done before he starts spraying.

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Jennifer said...

yay - congrats on your little girl - rayne is a cutie and i'm sure revan will get used to her and they will be the best of pals in no time!