Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I was on a roll for a minute there, blogging fairly often compared to the last few years and then I got a job. Blogging tends to stop when I work I guess. But I have been knitting with a vengeance as my name claims and meeting regularly with some funny ladies at the Taunton Stitch N' Bitch which has been a lot of fun. I seriously never expected to land a group AND enjoy them on my first try.

I don't have all my projects with picks handy at the moment but I thought I would at least drop a few pics to get another blog post off and then I will try my darnest to make up for lost posts this weekend.

A few weeks back I got it into my head to introduce a St. Patty's Day knit-a-long to the ladies at my group and some jumped on board with me. For a period of about two weeks in February I was a bit obsessed with knitting green but that seemed to die out on me. Even though I started four green things (one of which a surprised b-day scarf for my best friend that I have yet to finish and her bday is actually St. Patty's Day) I have only finished one of the four projects AND I realized that I messed up my color pattern on it and it will eventually have to be frogged about 2 inches so I can correct the color scheme. Or it will stay as it is forever mocking me for my lack of attention to detail. The first of these unfinished St. Patty's Day projects was a clover hat.

I didn't finish because I ran out of green and when I went to the store to get some more, I ended up buying a totally different green, which was inspired by one of the fun ladies at T SNB. She had this nice shimmery lime colored yarn that she was building a robot with SOOOOOO I bought that and began making this scarf for my own pattern but as I  meantion it is not done. This is a play on St. Patty's day both in color and pattern because not only is it green BUT it also contains a horseshoe cable pattern and horseshoes are supposedly lucky - so there you go a lucky little bday scarf if I get around to finishing it before her bday and have time to ship it across the country so she can wear it on her bday... UNLIKELY.

Then I started this other scarf KNOWING I should finish my BFFs scarf but this KnitPicks yarn called to me and wanted to be a geek scarf with stripes (I have no photo). But of course that is also not finished. But knitting the scarf made me want to make a geeky hat to match and that is when I started this hat...

So there are my adventures in knitting green last month. I, of course, have not touched a single green project IN th emonth of March. But I did start the baby blanket for my best friend's soon to be first born child. I am about 25% of the way done and have until May so at the moment that is my priority project. I have tried to knit only that for the last couple weeks. And with the exception of a scarf I started at the hair salon yesterday while I was getting my hair did...I have held to that rule. Check out these beautiful colors...

Oh yeah and since I mentioned it, I did get my hair did and here is what I did to it...

Turns out I wrote more than I was planning but I will still try to keep this blog beefy job or no job.

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