Thursday, January 27, 2011

Did I seriously NOT blog about my sock completion yet?

So! I wanted to try to make a sock so I casted on sock yarn on a size 1 needle and basically did an okay job until I had to get to the heel of the sock. Then I started to suck it up big time. There were holes where I had to add stitches it was just ugly. (BTW, for some reason I hadn't figured out how to properly pick up stitches until a couple days ago.) 

Then I went to a knitting group in Taunton, my first real activity since moving to MA, and was so inspired by sitting there knitting with all the ladies that had braved the freezing weather to knit amongst other ladies and make fun of each other, and eat, and cuss, and laugh at one of the lady's little girls playing in the background --- that I decided to try a thicker sock on thicker yarn with thicker sized needles to FINALLY after several attempts through out my knitting years, successfully finished a sock. 

I ordered some Fisherman's Wool from online and it got there on Friday. So I found this simple pattern Comfy DK Socks on Ravelry and got to work. I was ambitious and tried to finish on Friday but it got late so I wrapped it up at the heel. THE DREADED HEEL. When I got up on Saturday I was hell bent on finishing my first sock and it actually wasn't too hard to do so cause the pattern calls for the double circ method, which is a favorite of mine. I breezed through most of the ribbing and stockinette but when it came to picking up stitches I got nervous and started looking up tutorials online. Which I had done before but none of them ever clicked until that day. Isn't it funny how you can try something a few times and it not make sense and then one day it just does? That is how a lot of my learned techniques with knitting are.

Any who, the second took me a few more days cause I was enjoying my one sock high too much I guess. But I am so proud of them and so enjoying knitting socks with double circular needles. Now if I could only learn to graft for reals my toes wouldn't be so pointy. 

Ronin is curious about the socks

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