Thursday, October 05, 2006

So, there is this super nice yet completely country-fied hick type lady that works in my building at work and she saw me knitting at my desk one day (cause I got it like that) and casually said to me "if I am out bargain shopping and I see some yarn I'll pick some out for you" to which I said "okay thanks." But did I expect her to actually bring me yarn ever? NO, I don't even know her name. She is just a lady that chit chats with me while she is waiting for the coffee lady to restock or whatever.

Anywho, so I'm sitting at my desk today and a plastic grocery bag full of yarn gets hits me in the head. I'm like WTF? I open up the bag and I see the ugliest yarn I've ever seen. But there is no one to be found, not in the hall way, not around the corner from my desk NO ONE. A few minutes later this lady pops up and says "I don't know if that was your style but it was marked down to .25 a ball and I had to get it for you."

Now don't get me wrong, I think it is totally sweet that this woman, thought of me and brought me yarn and wouldn't take money for it. I do. But it is the most hideous yarn and unfortunately my digi is broken at the moment so I can't show you a good picture but here is what I could get off of my cell phone. Now I ask you...

WHAT the HELL am I supposed to do with THIS?


Jennifer said...

knit her a completely hideous scarf as a thank you ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just took my first knitting class last week. I am so excited to learn this new skill. Use the yarn to knit a blanket for someones dog.