Monday, October 09, 2006

Just so there is not too many days between posts... here are some random thoughts from yours truly... SHARMANIZZLE!

In an effort to make this a kick A$$ knitter blog, I have been search & reading & reading & searching through other knitter blogs to get ideas, and or just get to know the world of knit blogs a little better, and I have noticed that not all knitter blogs are exclusively knitting oriented. I was attempting to maintain two blogs awhile back, one about me & one about knitting but it was silly. As it is I spend way too much time online between myspace and bloggin' so you knitter's are right, and now I am going to start blogging about all sorts o' things in this blog. Thanks!

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Most people who know me, know I am obsessed with The Godfather (Il Padrino, if you're nasty!) I have a long time love affair with anything Francis Ford Coppola (except I don't drink wine so...) Well, they released The Godfather game this year and it was delayed on Xbox 360 so Tristan and I just got to playing it last week. He has of course already finished the game on account he is a male and has natural video gaming skills that frustrate the shit out of me but whatever! I am only as far as having had my character become "made" an Associate in the family, I have knocked off a few people, and my girlfriend Frankie was just murdered by the Tattaglia's. (The bastards!) Anywho, I am not one to criticize the Godfather, but since the game is done by someone else I am going to complain a bit...

Don't get me wrong, the game is cool as hell BUT why is Al Pacino absent in the game? The "Michael Coreleon" character that they have is sooooooooooo ugly and has suuuuuuuuch a wimpy voice. See for yourself...

I have been searching for a reason and I came up with this article that states that because Al Pacino was already in contract to use his voice and likeness in the new Scarface game neither could be used in the Godfather game . This is a tragedy beyond comprehension. This is my biggest beef with the game.

My second biggest beef with the game is how they alter the original story to suit the character you play. They started out ok, you perform a mission with Paul Gatto to beat up the guys that beat up Bonasera's (the undertaker) daughter, that is discussed in the opening scene in the movie. Excellent! You do a job behind the scenes that took place in the movie, BRAVA & WELL DONE!!! But as the game progresses you are asked to do hits or save lives of people that were either killed by someone else in the film, or their lives were never threatened in movie but are in the game. My husband thinks it is okay because it wouldn't be a complete game without some of these major hits, but I am sorry I cannot abide by having the video game character be the one to kill Pauly that was Rocco's job!

My third beef, is semi-understandable but still as a woman I think I need to be a little offended. WHERE HAVE ALL THE WOMEN GONE? Yes, kids that's right all the women from the film are absent in the game. The only women in the game are extras on the street and half naked dancing ladies that you can smack on the ass to gain respect points if they like you. Now I understand why there isn't an option to create a female mob character but come on at least have Connie & Kaye show up from time to time. Oh wait, I forgot, there is Frankie, you're girlfriend but the love story there is completely undeveloped. You go from saving her life to no mention of her fora few missions to living with her to her dying. Very silly.

I am only 9 hours into the game though and I am sure I will have more to rant about as the game goes on. But I am having fun, killing, driving, and bombing things. It is a very fun & violent game! =)

~~~ End of Rant ~~~

I am knitting a few things at the moment. I am ashamed to say I am 6 months behind one a beanie I promised to knit for my friend's cousin Andrew. I feel like an ass too because I can bang them out over a weekend and I have attempted a few times to knit one up but I either keep messing up and having to rippit meaning unravel it and start again. I ended up completing one that for some reason turned out to be a child's size and Andrew is not a child. I feel so shitty that I haven't put this simple thing together but I have managed to knit up a few girlie scarves for friends & my little sister. Blaghghgjhghjghjghhghgjhg how am I to break from the rut of not starting the project I need to do and stop starting projects I don't need to do?

I am blogging from work because my only job is to sit at my desk, I basically have no responsibility which I am completely stoked about because my last job was soooooo freaking stressful it is like a vacation from stress being at my job. I would snap a few pics of the scarf I am knitting for a co-worker and new friend Jenny but my camera phone is broken at the moment. When I get home later I will add some pictures. It is a black & white Harry Potter-esque scarf. Fun for the whole family. =)

All right I think that is it for today. I am sleepy so I am going to sit at my desk with my eyes closed but pretend to be awake. =)

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