Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I did end up getting a Sharmane sweater on sticks, but since I was having such a hard time deciding what to knit I put it to the ladies at the Taunton SnB to decide for me. And I apparently my reputation for being a girl from the LBC played into the group's decision because knittinginfinity posted this pattern from Knitty called Holla. Its just appropriately named, and offers everything I love in a sweater, cables, a hood, and loose fitting so as to not show of how far I let my tummy go. In a word, its perfect.

I have completed the back and am to the arm holes of the front now. Can't wait to get to those yummy cables. I have only taken pics of the finished back so far...

 Holla back..

 Holla back with Ronin for the block

I'm also making some Bella Mittens for my boss cause she is going on a trip to Europe soon and it will be cold. I just gotta get them finished this weekend. I have been slacking. That is it for today, just a quick post to get it off  my mind. 

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