Monday, December 20, 2010

Finished some Fingerless gloves but CANNOT figure out the damn KNUCKS!

Okay so here's my problem. I can knit fairly well for a self-taught knitter. I even pride myself on being able to look at a knitted item and can discern the pattern, but damn if I can't figure out how to add the thumb gusset to the knuck pattern. I did the knitting from the top down bit with all 4 fingers, but once I got to the thumb gusset I just could not understand the pattern. Every which way I attempted to add the pre-knit thumb was wrong. I looked to youtube and knittinghelp vids but nothing was close enough to the knucks. So, NOW I am trying to knit the knucks patterns from the bottom up. I know that the thumb gusset will come out okay but I wonder how the finger holes will. STAY TUNED....

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