Sunday, July 13, 2008

This is sad.....

I just read through my posts from June of last year on and I pretty much didn't do anything I said I was going to do. I never posted pics of my house, and I didn't get back into blogging more often. I have a ton of WIPs on sticks and high priority projects that I need to get done and sent to people BUT I haven't completed anything in quite a while. And I used to be so into this knit-bloggin' thing.

I am knitting at the moment just nothing that I am supposed to be getting done. My current project is a scarf for me (which I will almost certainly NOT finish). I was supposed to have my cousin's baby's blanket completed months ago. And my friend Laura's daughters mufflers. I also have a few b-day presents on sticks and have been for months. Here is a pic of what I am presently knitting...

Wavy Scarf

It is from the Wavy pattern on Knitty. I have wanted to knit me one of these for ages and I got the hankering the other night and got it on sticks. I am knitting it on size 3 needles rather then the size 7's the pattern calls for. I wanted it to be nice and tight looking. I am happy with it so far but already getting bored repeating the pattern. I will need to jump on the blanket and muffler projects soon anyway. But hopefully this scarf will be finished and I will actually wear it. What is the point of all this knitting if I never actually wear anything I knit?

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