Tuesday, April 29, 2008

WIP: I'm thinking of calling it "Hawaiian Sunset"

I was sort of inspired by some pictures from my friend's trip to Hawaii last week/and her birthday last Sunday and began work on this scarf using all bright colors from my stash (Caron Simply Brights) and this is what I came up with...

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... a simple garter stitch scarf on size 2 needles alternating color blocks every 30 row to 32 rows. I am not at all a person that approves of the color pink but I have to say that I totally dig this scarf.

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I was knitting from my stash though in an attempt to shrink the pile enough to be able to closed the lid on my yarn box BUT I freaking ran out of the blue color in mid-scarf. It is not good to try to knit from your stash only to have to ADD another batch of blue to complete this bastard.

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So, I didn't get to finish in time to give to my friend for her B-day cause I have to buy more yarn BUT I still think it merits a blog since I rarely blog anymore. I, like litte Ronin there, am tired and will take a nap but at least I blogged today. Tell me what you think of "Hawaiian Sunset."

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Jennifer said...

i'm diggin' the Hawaiian sunset scarf...very nice! meant to inquire...how are the kitties these days?

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Hey love the colors. Great for summer.