Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Did something just for me...

No I didn't knit myself something, as if I could right now with all the projects I have gotten backed up on. I GOT MY TATTOO!

Ankh Tat

For pretty much my whole life (at least since 4th grade) I have been obsessed with Ancient Egypt. In fact, I am still disappointed for not going into Egyptology in college (but there is still time for that). Anyways, if you know me you know I wear Ankh's (symbol for LIFE) everywhere, earrings, necklace, rings, purse, everywhere. I have wanted to get an ankh tattoo for years but always chickened out because my family would kill me or just plain ol' being a pussy but I have stopped all that and finally after 10 years of seriously considering getting the tattoo I DID!

Ankh Tat

It is syck as shit and "I love it so much I want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant"(thank Tracy Morgan for that quote). I was lucky to have my buddy Erica with me (and a few friends from work) cause she was a good support.

Last know picture of my pre-tat
Get dat tatt
Get dat tatt
Get dat tatt
Get dat tatt
Get dat tatt

I can't lie though, I have to brag a bit, I took that tat like a man, no pain, no tears (until after from joy), and most of all no shaking. Everyone was very impressed (including myself I am usually such a pussy) but it really didn't hurt until he got to the soft fleshy top if the oval. Erica was there rubbing my hands the whole time it was nice.

So anyway, I am thrilled and want to take my tat on the road, gotta get skinny again so I will feel more comfort wearing tank tops! This is kind of a blabbering post but I had to talk about my tat. I need to get some of my recent projects up here too. I can't believe I don't blog anymore.

Hell YEAH!!!!



tiennie said...

Great tattoo!

Jennifer said...

looks great - i'm super-jealous! i've been talking about getting one since i was 15, so i think i'm about due. i have plans for two, but now i just gotta bite the bullet. so seriously, how much did that hurt? i want one more on the back of my neck and one on my foot and i hear they are gonna be painful. i have strange tolerances...none for dental pain, but a good amount for other stuff, so i'm not sure how i'll be.

love love love yours! wtg, girlie!
ps - nice to hear from you again. i've been lost from blogland for awhile, too, but it feels good to post every now and then.

how's the house?