Monday, July 17, 2006

A photo I took in New York a couple of years ago was just selected as a semi-finalist in amateur photo competition. I am so excited. You know how people say that "just getting nominated is excitement enough" (you know, they don't have to win the Oscar because being nominated is enough) well, in this case it is true. There are thousands of entrants every year and they only publish a few hundred, and my photograph is one of the few hundred that they will be publishing. THAT IS COOL, RIGHT?

Yeah it is.

Photography was always one of my passions. Nothing I pursued for very long, but always something I would fall back on. I tell people I suffer from "Japanese Tourist Syndrome" (some stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason, you never see a Japanese without her camera). I have decided to use this little honor as a push to keep me inspired and maybe put together a portfolio, who knows maybe I can make a small living out of my photographs.

Story of the photograph, Italian Lovers in New York

I had gone to New York for the second time to visit my friend Burl, he was in his first Off Broadway show and had invited me to come see it. We were hanging out at Central Park one day and we came across this Italian couple that sort of captivated me. There is something about the way Italians flirt, the girl slaps the boy, he says something romantic, and then they kiss. It was adorable. I remember mentioning to Burl how cute I thought they were. And later, we saw them on the lake in a row boat, it was the perfect shot. I told Burl to hold up so I could take a picture of my Italian Couple.

(The Perfect Shot)

If by chance my photograph wins a prize it can be up to $10,000, which would be awesome but I am not holding my breath. I am just really proud that I shot something beautiful, that others thought was beautiful too.

You can also purchase a copy of the photograph online through at, which I also think is pretty cool. I could be a published and selling photographer!

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